eCatholic Affiliate Program

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Earn a 25% commission for each website you refer!

Plus a bonus commission for Custom Designs.

As an eCatholic Affiliate, you'll receive a 25% commission of the one-year website package value for each referral that you send us that ends up purchasing an eCatholic website. Here's how it breaks down per package:

Premium Package - You receive a one-time $150 commission.
Essential Package - You receive a one-time $105 commission.
Starter Package - You receive a one-time $60 commission.

Also, if the client purchases our Custom Design service, you'll receive a bonus commission:

Custom Design - An additional $250 bonus commission.


You can make up to $400 per website that you refer!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Apply now to join our affiliate program. We provide you with all the links, banners, and graphics you need to start sharing eCatholic on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Where can I share eCatholic?

You can share eCatholic on your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, via email, or anywhere else you can think of to reach your friends and tribe.

Can anyone become an eCatholic affiliate?

Right now, the eCatholic affiliate program is limited to invitation only. However, if you are interested in becoming an eCatholic affiliate, go ahead and apply now and we will consider your application.

Do you have reports that show my activities?

Yes, through the affiliate interface, you can monitor clicks, impressions, and conversions, as well as the success of specific campaigns. You can also track your commissions earned and payments submitted.

How do you track referrals?

We provide you with unique URL's that include a tracking code (or cookie) that is persistent for 90 days. We also track visitor IP addresses as a back-up method. When a prospect signs up for a trial or purchases a website, the conversion will be logged in your affiliate account.

How do I get paid? And how often?

We submit commission payments via PayPal between the 1st and 5th of each month. Commission payments are submitted only after we've received a minimum of 3 months of payments from the client. Most of our clients pay yearly by check, so the commission payment would be submitted after we receive the first annual payment.

How it works

Complete the eCatholic affiliate program application. It's free, easy, and only takes 2 minutes.
We'll provide you with text ads, banners, and affiliate links to share eCatholic with your tribe.
You'll receive a generous commission for every sale you send our way. It's that easy!